Most frequent questions and answers

Every case is different. However, I do not look at this as just a job, I genuinely give my heart and soul during every session and really try to understand as well as help you. I don’t just immediately advise you the best ways to tackle the problem or how to feel better, I want you to first understand your emotions and why you are feeling them, after which we will go on. Additionally, I advise everyone to try out the one-hour session to see how they feel about it.

All sessions are 1 on 1 via call (Skype audio or directly to your phone number) We call you and no additional costs will be incurred. 

Absolutely not. You can always reschedule (Only if you notified us 24 hrs in advance). 

I only take clients who have participated in the initial/intake session which is FREE. So if you participate in the initial session and proceed to book the 3 month session package we will assume that you were satisfied with the advice and experience provided during the initial session and no refunds will be issued.  

When refunds are an option, you can have “one foot in” the work, and “one foot out” the door.  It is to YOUR benefit to decide BEFORE purchasing your package and committing to work with me that I am the right coach for you.

I’m totally and utterly confident that you can see real changes in your life and outlook if you are prepared to work hard and stay focused.

Of course! Sometimes life can get overwhelming and it can be hard to talk to those around us. Maintaining a private personal life is okay. I am happy to talk to you and give you some advices if you so wish. Book the ”advice session” for only $20!

If you need to cancel an appointment please call at least 24 hrs in advance. Call us at: +1 619 785 3920 or email us: angietherelationshipscoach@gmail.com

We respect the privacy of your personal information. The personal information you provide is confidential and handled with the greatest care. 
No information you provide will be sold or disclosed to other third parties.

Statements, testimonials, and examples on this website were provided by satisfied clients in confidence and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Every effort has been made to accurately represent my services and their possible potential.

My coaching helps people achieve their personal goals. It is not a substitute or replacement for therapy.


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