*Before purchasing any package, make sure you book an initial session.*

If you elect to pay the Reveal & Heal package in FULL, head to the ”Book package” and purchase the VIP Reveal & Heal package. After which you can book your first appointment immediately by heading to the ”Book appointment” page and selecting VIP and then ”follow up session” which means you already purchased the package.

All sessions need to be booked a week in advance.  You don’t need to book the 4 sessions in one time. However, make sure you book each session one week in advance. 

When electing to pay in installments, head to our ”Book appointment” page. Select VIP and then the ”First installment payment” option and proceed with booking the first day of your appointment.

*We are located in Spain and have clients all over the world, when booking the appointments select your country, city or timezone after which the available time slots will be shown.*

All sessions are 1 on 1 via call. We call you and no additional costs will be incurred.

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